Get To Know… Bonnie Lloyd

Across the year we’re going to be conducting interviews with members of the Isbourne team, so you can get to know the faces you see around the building a little better.

What’s your role at The Isbourne?bonnie

A bit of everything! Sometimes I’ll be on Reception, other times in the back office planning outreach projects, and every Friday afternoon I’m at Eastwood Park Prison coordinating the holistic course that we offer to the women prisoners.

What inspires you?

People who make life happen for themselves rather than waiting for it to change. People who are brave enough to share their gifts and teachings to help others to grow. And everyone who walks into the Isbourne, whether they have come to work or ‘play’, because they all have a unique story to tell and are all passionate about their wellbeing in their own individual way.

What did you do before you joined the Isbourne family?

My previous jobs have ranged from event management, hospitality, marketing and PA/admin work. My most glamorous job was working for a powerboat management company, where we organised Grand Prix events all over Europe – it was work hard play hard, and certainly not maintainable once I was married and had children! I’ve been very lucky to have had jobs where people have believed in me and helped me to progress. At the Isbourne there is a subtle difference: I know that my colleagues and managers believe in me, but I now (through my holistic journey) believe in myself too, which is a fantastic feeling!

What are your favourite holistic treatments/practices?

Tough question – I love them all! So far I have experienced Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Meditation, Yoga, EFT, Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing, Sound Healing and Massage. Reiki resonates with me for its simplicity and self-healing capabilities: I love the fact that I have a tool to use on myself daily to re-balance my chakras, and to also help others. EFT is brilliant as a quick technique to cope with a situation that is causing me stress, anger, impatience or any other negative emotion. It is my kids’ favourite – they love a good tapping session! Crystal Healing is my new love. I don’t know yet where it will take me, but I know crystals are my friends. But the fundamental practice has to be meditation. I won’t be able to fulfill any of my life’s dreams if I don’t meditate and keep learning about and understanding myself, I know that for sure.

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