Get To Know… Robin Watkins-Davis

Robin Watkins–Davis is The Isbourne’s teen yoga tutor, holding classes at the centre every Wednesday evening. We asked her a little bit about herself…

What inspires you?
Community. I love surrounding myself with wonderful friends and meeting new people, particularly gathering around nature. For example, a campfire in a forest or doing the moon salutations on a full moon. I feel that everyone always has something inspiring to offer when I take the time to listen.headshot 1

How would you describe your journey?
Transforming! I started off my teenage years with high levels of anger, stress and unhappiness, and in my state of need I reached out and meditation landed straight in my palm! Before I knew it I was dedicating my life to yoga and meditation and training to be a yoga instructor at age 16.

What did you do before you joined the Isbourne ‘family’?
I was teaching yoga as an after-school club for my year group at St Edwards School in Charlton Kings, and before that I taught a meditation club whilst doing my GCSE’s at Sir William Romney’s, Tetbury.

What are our favourite holistic treatments/practices?
My day to day favorite is yoga and meditation. I do yoga most mornings at 6am before school to wake up my body. In the evenings, I do 15-20 minutes of meditation to bring my day together and get ready for sleep. In terms of treatments I love reflexology – there is a wonderful reflexologist called Hillary in Stroud and she is extremely talented and reliable, treating the whole body, mind and soul. I also love Gong Baths.

Tell us about your interests/hobbies
I am massively into art and take A levels in Fine Art and Textiles, and Business. What I love about the arts is the freedom it gives me to explore any topic through research, and respond to the information I’ve learnt in a way that is authentic and meaningful. I also love to challenge myself with outdoor activities like kayaking and rafting, which I do up in Scotland on the spectacular River Findhorn with my Dad. I am learning to roller skate and play guitar and of course I love yoga, if you hadn’t already guessed!

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