Get To Know… Helen Knight Peters

What’s your role at The Isbourne?
I’m one of the receptionists: I book and set up the rooms, answer the telephone, help the tutors and therapists if they need anything, and do general administrative duties. I’ve worked here on and off for four years, but since last autumn have worked here every week. I like working here – it’s a really nice place to work!


Helen with new husband Anthony on their wedding day

What inspires you?
The sea is a big, big thing for me! Both me and my husband Anthony are very drawn to it and ideally we would live next to it as it’s very energising for both of us. I love to collect things from different beaches – when we got married in May this year our wedding favours were pebbles from the beach just below the lighthouse we were married in, with our guest’s names zentangled onto them. I love being in the sea, under it, diving in it – as close as I can get to it, really!

How would you describe your journey?
Until the age of twenty-four I lived abroad. My father was an aerospace engineer working for Rolls-Royce and I was born in Bahrain, then lived briefly in Hong Kong, followed by Tokyo until the age of six, from which time I remember little things like masses of cherry blossom. After Japan we moved to Saudi Arabia, then I was at a boarding school in the UK for four years whilst my parents were living in France and America, then did my A-levels in Dubai before moving to the UK. I loved the variety and change of my early life!

What are your favourite holistic treatments/practices?
I’ve had treatments using Crystal Healing, Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and I’m just starting a Foundation course in crystal healing with Kelly Peacey this summer. This is the start of my journey towards helping other people using holistic therapies. Crystals have helped me massively and I want to help other people in the way that they’ve helped me – I’m very drawn to them. I want to learn Reiki too, and intend to do so once I’ve finished the crystal healing course.

What did you do before you joined the Isbourne family?
Since the age of eighteen I’ve done administrative or reception work. I used to work on reception at Ratcliffe’s Insurance (next door to The Isbourne) and then moved to Isbourne, covering for my sister Zoe when she was away, then for other members of staff.

Tell us about your interests/hobbies
I love dogs, and we’ve got chickens as well. I’m quite a sporty person too – I used to play roller derby, which is a full contact sport on skates. I also used to swim competitively when I lived in Saudi Arabia.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a business I’m trying to grow at the moment, selling roller derby fashion clothing items online. Once I have the crystal healing under my belt, I would also like to run retreats in southern Spain with Anthony, who teaches NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I love travelling too and would ideally be living somewhere hotter!

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