In Conversation With… Sonia Ducie

How would you describe yourself and what you do? I am a numerology and tarot teacher for The Connaissance School, an esoteric numerologist, the best-selling author of 12 numerology books (translated into 14 languages!) and AIN Council Member (Association Internationale De Numerologues), where I became First Secretary in 1993. Tell us a little about your journey to becoming … Continue reading In Conversation With… Sonia Ducie

Book Review: GROW – Jackie Beere

As a successful speaker, academician and journalist Jackie Beere writes skilfully on the subject of personal development and, ultimately, growth. ‘Grow’ is a well-constructed, jargon-free and accessible self-help book peppered with anecdotal references, together with a plethora of practical tips and advice.  Each chapter concludes with a ‘reflect and review’ section, together with ‘points of view’ … Continue reading Book Review: GROW – Jackie Beere

Book Review: The Essential Dowsing Guide – Dennis Wheatley

The Essential Dowsing Guide promises to provide readers with all the necessary information about dowsing, enabling them to learn and practice various techniques to find invisible targets. It clearly and concisely covers a variety of methods allowing the reader to understand how diverse this particular area truly is. Each chapter provides details on how to … Continue reading Book Review: The Essential Dowsing Guide – Dennis Wheatley